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December Again

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Every year around this time, I notice a spike in overall number of visitors to “Relative Something” who are searching the term “December Wishes” which I coincidentally used in 2010 for the title of a post. After I re-read that post again the other day, and even though it sounds about 6 years old to me now, I’ve decided it deserves some fresh visibility. 

(Full disclosure: I haven’t been “under-indulging” so much anymore. For the last few years I’ve returned to providing family a genuine updated online wish list.)

At the very least, the Pomplamoose song is worth another listen…


December has arrived. It is the time of year when requests are made for our wish lists. What do I wish for? I wish for world peace. I wish my neighbors would never, ever, ever use their leaf blowers. I wish it wasn’t possible to hear the sounds made by a human jaw chewing food in an otherwise silent room. I wish my lungs weren’t asthmatic. But those things aren’t what the circle of family who draw names for a Christmas gift-giving exchange would like to see on my list.

They want stuff that can be purchased.

I don’t mean to be difficult, …not that I haven’t been in the past. I did resist for a time and neglect to provide any such list. I also have listed items like: shirts, socks, and underwear. Who wouldn’t benefit by having new underwear? There has also been a period of time when I gave in and put some pretty significant treasures on the list that I wouldn’t buy for myself. Since something was going to be purchased, I figured it may as well be something that I would actually use.

I also took advantage of one of those online shopping sites that allow you to save a wish list to allow your family and friends to just click and purchase. It’s like registering for wedding gifts. Look at what we have allowed technology to do to us!

A while ago, I came across that site where I had created a list and noticed there were things still on it that I didn’t even remember selecting. I had obviously been living comfortably enough without the items. It occurred to me that the only reason the items made it on the list in the first place was because I saw them while searching the site.

That is like the phrase that I am guilty of using too often regarding food. “I am fond of see food.” See food, eat food.

I could look at any number of shopping sites and discover things to put on a wish list. Yet, if I didn’t see these things, I wouldn’t even know I wanted them. Making a list, in and of itself, engenders the wish. See things, want things.pomplamoose-alwaysintheseason

I still haven’t gotten around to making full use of so many things I already have. I truly don’t need anything more. This year, I am seeking to UNDER-indulge. I’m choosing, see charity, give charity. I saw the invitation to “give a goat” on the 2009 video of the Christmas song, “Always in the Season” by Pomplamoose.

Now, that is what I want on my wish list. I want people to choose a meaningful gift to give me and help children and families around the world receive training and animal gifts that help them become self-reliant.heiferintrntl

My December wish this year is for people to consider Heifer International in their gift giving plans.














Written by johnwhays

December 2, 2016 at 7:00 am

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